Fiona Wardle

Originally from the UK, Fiona moved to Kaikoura,  New Zealand, in 2014 to research common dolphins and humpback whales. After completing her undergraduate degree in Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University, she spent 3 months in Australia photographing snub-nose and humpback dolphins. 

She then proceeded to work in Auckland, photographing orcas and common dolphins.

One day, fate would have it that a friend connected Fiona with Dolphin Encounter, an organisation letting tourists swim with wild dolphins in Kaikoura. Soon enough, she found herself in Kaikoura, working as a dolphin swim guide and photographer. The town clearly seems to have a magical pull on its residents, as she is still living there now. Fiona did four seasons with them until she moved on to working for Southern Pacific Helicopters and Wings Over Whales, where she photographed the cetaceans from above. She recently spent a season in Tonga photographing their migrating humpbacks, make sure to check her portfolio on Instagram to keep up with her amazing work! She is now a full-time freelancer.