About me 


I am a freelance wildlife camerawoman based in the United Kingdom.


I’ve been in and around the Bristol wildlife scene for a few years now. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and  I can bring a variety of skills to any productions. 


I’m an HSE commercial Diver, I’ve got my canopy access qualification as well as my drone licence. I’ve assisted many camera operators for numerous years.  I can use all the modern tech from Gimbals to Underwater housings, phantom flex high speed to macro close up work.


Throughout the Pandemic I’ve really pushed myself. I achieved probably the best and most challenging experience of my career so far. 8 months on a remote Sub Antarctic island in the Southern Ocean. Living in remote huts and hiking camera gear all over the island was indeed challenging but working alongside the wonderful Ruth Peacey, we proved that females can cut it in Natural History film making in the harshest environments on Earth.

Like most people in this industry I have been obsessed with wildlife from a very young age. I started making documentaries from the age of 14, interviewing leading conservations at local talks and events in the greenrooms. This quickly grew my love of being behind camera and I found myself shooting both stills and films on a weekly basis. I took a degree in Film Production at Ravensbourne, London and quickly found myself envolped into the film industry, starting off as a Spark on features and then later moving to camera trainee on multiple shorts around London. I soon found myself wishing to be back out shooting wildlife.  So I began producing, directing and shooting documentaries alongside fellow creatives that would be willing join me in their creation. Borrowing cameras from Arri and Red I made sure to make content that was both beautiful but also made a difference. Starting with Highland tiger followed by Kaikoura Quake. 


Through making these documentaries I came to know a number of incredible people in the industry and soon found myself a job at Esprit Films and TV, over the two years I spent there I learnt the ins and outs of building, fixing and producing specialised technology.  I learnt how to maximise the potential of camera set ups for low light, underwater, full spectrum, macro, live broadcast and more. 


Now I work as a camerawoman for companies such as BBC, Love nature, ITV, Smithsonian and National Geographic.  


As well as filming wildlife on land, I am also a keen ocean conservationist and housing nerd. I was trained by Bristol Channel diving to complete my HSE Level 4 commercial media diving and have extensive hours building different underwater rigs. I have since shot and assisted with polecam and or full gates housing across the globe in Artic seas, the southern ocean to flowing rivers in BC. 


My main goals in life are to make beautiful content that matters. I have been an avid activist for the last ten years and try to communicate science through my Buddha and the Whale business.  Through this I create content from blogs, podcasts and short documentaries to engage audiences in lesser known causes and issues that might not make it to the big screens. I have assisted scientist across the globe through seagrass surveys, bird counts and ringing, bat surveys, turtle and cetacean rescues. I hope that that my part in this industry will help create positive change in this world.